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Marubeni Information Systems USA Corp., established in 1974, is a specialist in computers and electronics based in Santa Clara, California.
Its parent company is Tokyo-based Marubeni Information Systems Co., Ltd. 100% owned by Marubeni Corporation, one of Japan's largest trading companies, Marubeni Information Systems Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to information and industrial systems operations. Marubeni Information Systems Co., Ltd. offers solutions to companies in all fields of industry, mainly through applications-oriented systems based on state-of-the-art technologies in computing, networking, software and services.
In order to deal effectively with the global business climate changes seen, the branch has become a subsidiary of Marubeni Information Systems Co., Ltd. in 2009.  It continues to provide value-added services to the Southeast Asian market under the name of Marubeni Information Systems (S) Pte.Ltd.
Marubeni Information Systems USA Corp.'s expertise includes various technical fields such as IT (Information Technology), Semiconductor devices and systems, EDA (Electronic Design Automation), MDA (Mechanical Design Automation), MEMS(Micro Electro Mechanical Systems), PDM/PLM, Data entry systems and Logistics systems. With multiple datacenters located in Japan, we are able to provide solution services such as: colocation, hosting, and ASP (Application Service Provider). We help clients achieve their goals by analyzing their needs, identifying solutions, and ultimately implementing these solutions through our field staff.
We are proud of our long list of over 2,800 clients in Japan including telecommunications, government, academics, finance, distribution, food production, and electronics industries. Our employees focus their energy on marketing, distribution, resale, and support operations.
As for Marubeni Information Systems USA Corp, our goal is to help our clients set a foundation that we can build upon together, for growth and business success.
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